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The influence behind the results


Rachel - Group Marketing Director

Stats that totally blew our last agency out of the park!! Amazing work.


Julia - Digital Marketing Manager

Our lead generation more than doubled  - without spending a single penny more.


Their are many digital marketing agencies but few have been recognised by multiple award companies in the same year for outstanding campaigns for their clients.

MCG Digital Media are one of the very few that have been recognised for amazing campaign delivery that delivered over 90,000 in-bound leads in 2020.

Not only this, but our clients have seen their cost per lead drop by over 50% in many cases and their lead volume increase by over 150% for many others.

Specialising in PPC across sectors including Insurance and Property Investment, we captured the attention of multiple awards companies including Performance Marketing Awards, UK Business Awards and UK Agency Awards.

One of The Leading Digital Marketing Consultancies in the UK.

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Award Winning Agency

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UK Agency Awards 2021: WINNER

Headed by Gez McGuire, a PPC professional for nearly 20 years and an AI accredited strategist, our approach blend the power of machines with the skills of a human to deliver campaigns that are more relevant, trustworthy, user friendly and ultimately, more effective.

We continually deliver campaigns that are more insightful, strategic and simply better than any competitor that we have come across to date.

Time after time we take over campaign management from large established agencies with many years' experience and absolutely smash them out of the park.

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Simply outstanding results.

Founder & Owner: MCG Digital Media.

Google accredited professional since 2004, AI accredited strategist and International Marketing Awards Judge.